Choosing a memorial does not have to stop with the granite marker alone. We
have several options for you to customize your memorial to better illustrate
your loved ones personality and your personal expression to them.

1. Portraits: Portraits are available is several types for
different memorial styles, designs and budgets. From a
state of the art, full color, photo ceramic to an exact
photographic duplication laser engraved into black
granite to an artistic Techno-Lase sandblast portrait.
Memorial portraits can depict any image the family
desires. People and pets are quite popular, but many
families include patriotic images or emblems, religious
symbols and even text. Any image can be reproduced
in long lasting beauty.

2. Bronze Statuary & Emblems : An elegant way
to add an artistic touch to a memorial is the timeless
marriage of granite and bronze. Fine European
craftsman create free standing statuary, relief's that
mount on the monument surface or a simple,
elegant emblem.

3. Shape Carving, Hand Tooling
& Custom Sculpting :
These classic methods of stone
working add depth and a touch of old world craftsmanship
to a memorial. For example, shape carved flowers have
a realistic three dimensional depth. Premier Memorial�s
master stone artisans can create a custom design
especially for you. Contact your retailer for further

4. Etching & Coloring: Various etching techniques
are used to frost or add depth to a design. Color can be
applied to make a design in full color by our skilled
craftsman. Coloring is not a permanent technique
and will weather over time.
5. Vases: Enhance your monument with one of our
flower vases. Whether set in a marker, monument
base or in a separate vase granite vase block; a vase
provides a finished way to place flowers at your loved
one's memorial. Available in several styles and materials
to compliment your memorial choice.

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